Archive: Jan 4, 2021, 12:00 AM

Remuneration and reimbursement of expenses for members of constituent authorities

Organisations are required, from time to time, to appoint persons (known as board members) to the Public Service Appeal Board (PSAB) under s 80H of the Industrial Relations Act 1979. 

Regulation 120(1) of the Industrial Relations Commission Regulations 2005 (Regulations) provides for a member of a constituent authority (such as a PSAB) to be paid such remuneration as the Chief Commissioner from time to time determines. 

In light of administration and legal implications relating to tax deductions and potential superannuation entitlements, the Chief Commissioner has reviewed the arrangement for the payment of a sitting fee for members sitting as part of a constituent authority. Part of that review has involved consultation with affected organisations.

Having considered all of the circumstances, the Chief Commissioner has determined that, effective from 5 January 2021, payment of sitting fees for all new matters will cease. However, reimbursement for out of pocket expenses incurred under reg 120(6) of the Regulations will remain available. 





4 JANUARY 2021